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7th BUCT English Speech Contest on Introduction to Materials Held

     Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) held the 7th English Speech Contest of the national bilingual model course, Introduction to Materials on the morning of January 9. More than one hundred undergraduates from the grade 2013 in college of materials science and engineering, participated in the contest, majoring in Polymer Materials and Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering and Functional Biomaterials, etc.

In this semester, the course of Introduction to Materials is given as a compulsory course to 21 classes of the grade 2013 in the College of Materials Science and Engineering. During the course study, group presentations were organized on topics about the materials science. And 21 outstanding groups were selected, nine of which took the contest. The competition was intense, and each presentation group gave a 10-minute speech and had three minutes for Q&A with the judging panel.

The judge panel consisted of three foreign experts, Professor Cheng Jue, Vice Dean of the College of Materials Science and Engineering, and the lead lecturers of the course. To be specific, the three foreign experts were Professor Plinio Innocenzi, an Italian expert of materials in the University of Sassari, and Science and Technology Counselor of the Italian Embassy to China; Professor Fu Pengcheng, an American expert in the College of Life Science and Technology; and Professor James Brunner, a Canadian expert in the College of Humanities and Law. Contestants made massive preparatory work for this contest and gave wonderful presentations on materials’ toughening, biosensor, liquid crystal composite, catalysts, and adhesive. Their presentations were well structured, rich in content, and delivered in fluent English and with confidence and ease, demonstrating the qualities of BCUT undergraduates and winning high praises from the panel and the audiences. In addition to acknowledgement, the three foreign experts pointed out the problems with students’ speeches and offered helpful suggestions.

The course Introduction to Materials has been receiving generous support from the Academic Affairs Office and the College of Materials Science and Engineering. Zhang Fengyuan, Deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Office gave closing remarks. In his speech, He stressed the mission, objectives and cultivation approach of educational reform, and the new "three transformations" methodologies associated with educational reform which was established in the 2nd Education & Teaching Work Meeting. BUCT has already started to comprehensively deepen the educational reform, with "three in one" as the goal of cultivating creative talents, to gradually realize the "three transformations". Over the years, the course Introduction to Materials has allowed students to independently choose the subject, and successfully held seven speech contests. It has changed the traditional teaching mode and built up the learning atmosphere that emphasized teacher-student interaction. Deputy Director Zhang recognized the active role of the College of Materials Science and Engineering in the exploration and practice of educational reform.

       The course Introduction to Materials won the honorary title of national bilingual model course in 2007, and national quality resources-sharing course in 2013. Upholding the concepts of inheritance, practice and innovation for years, it has explored various methods to improve students' ability to learn and apply what they’ve learnt, develop their research awareness, and enhance their capability of cross-cultural communication. The English speech contest is one of the efficient ways to improve the above abilities of students. Therefore, the success of the contest this time is another practice of the course concepts, an active exploration of the new educational concept, and a full demonstration of the teaching reform achievements. 

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