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An Inspirational Lecture Presented at a ‘School Week’ Event

An inspirational lecture entitled ‘Advances and Applications of Novel Biomaterials’ was presented by Professor Xu Fujian, who is a Yangtze River Scholar Professor, and a National Outstanding Youth Fund Winner, on the north campus of Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) on Tuesday 10th November 2015. The presentation was chaired by Dr. Li Chenming, the vice-chair of college affairs committee. Nearly 400 students were present in the lecture. In order to help students to have a better understanding of biomaterials, Prof. Xu demonstrated the novel biomaterials with some examples and figures familiar to students. In his lecture, the advances in biomaterials, the prospective development of biomaterials, the research interests and conditions in his group as well as the bilateral cooperation between BUCT and well-known hospitals were all covered. The audiences were inspired by the lecture to devote their effects to development of biomaterials.
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