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A Meeting Held by the College of Materials Science and Engineering for Top Undergraduates

A meeting was held by the college of materials science and engineering (CMSE) for the top undergraduates in the center conference room, Yi Fu convention center, on Monday 28th September 2015. The leaders of CMSE, i.e.: Zhang Liqun, executive dean, Yu Zhongzhen and Cheng Jue, vice deans and Li Chengming, vice chair of college affairs committee, attended the meeting. The postgraduate candidates exempt from admission exam plus their 22 instructors attended the meeting.
First, Zhang Liqun, executive dean, gave a speech. He fully affirmed the excellent performance of the postgraduate candidates exempt from admission exam in both academic study and extracurricular activities. He emphasized the academic significance for the advances in science and technology of our nation, personnel strategy and personal achievement. He briefly introduced the tutor teams in the 8 departments, 1 institute and 1 research center at CMSE to the candidates. He also stressed that CMSE has the confidence, strength and resources to establish a high-quality academic platform.
In an interactive session, some questions such as application for excellent supervisors, graduate treatment, and future employment prospects were highly concerned by the candidates, and were answered by the two vice deans, Yu Zhongzhen and Cheng Jue. The reward policies and preferential treatment offered by Beijing University of Chemical Technology were also introduced by vice chair of college affairs committee, Li Chengming.
CMSE has been emphasized on the construction of academic atmosphere, outstanding personnel training. An integrated academic platform for personnel training has been established to lay a solid foundation for academic breakthroughs made by postgraduate and doctoral students.

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