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Research Units

 Research Group of Multi-scale Structrues and Structure Control of Polymers


This research group, founded in 2009 at the College of Materials Science and Engineering, is an essential part of the State Key Laboratory of Chemical Resource Engineering. This energetic and enthusiastic group consists of one professor, three associate professors, one assistant researcher, nearly 40 postgraduates, Ph. D candidates and international students. Our research interests focus on preparing functional materials by controlling the polymer multi-scale structures, including specifically designing monomers for macromolecules (controlling the chemical compositions), confined polymerization of monomers for special structures (controlling the configurations) and modulating the morphologies of polymers in the film and bulk (controlling the microstructures). With Prof. Shouke Yan (Distinguished Young Scholar of NSFC, 100 talent of Chinese Academy of Science) leading the group, these researches secured supported from the Major or Key Project of National Science Foundation, National 973 Plan project and Research Projects from various companies and enterprises. A series of impressive achievements have been obtained in the research areas mentioned above. Since 2009, More than 90 papers have been published in top international journals, e.g. Journal of the American Chemistry Society, Advanced Functional Materials, Chemical Science, Journal of Materials Chemistry, Macromolecules.


YAN, Shouke

LI, Huihui

SUN, Xiaoli

REN, Zhongjie

3Research areas

Controlling polycondensation of polysiloxanes for specific structures, e.g. ladder, linear and ring structured; Synthesis and application of polysiloxanes that possess specifically designed properties, e.g. photo- and electro-luminescence, liquid crystal, electrical memory and charge transfer; Morphology and properties of electroactive polysiloxanes; Structure, morphology and melt crystallization of polymer-based functional materials in thin film, e.g. biodegradable polymers, electrophotonic polymers; Surface confined and Shear inducedcrystallization of polymers; Multiple melting behavior and structure and morphology of polymers; The influence of structure and morphology on the degradable behaviors of biodegradable polyester in their blends with crystalline polymers; Crystallization, orientation and melting behavior of polymer in one and two dimensional confined spaces.



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