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Research Units

Center of Advanced Elastomer Materials

1Brief Introduction:

Center of Advanced Elastomer Materials (CAEM) was founded in 1975, belonging to the College of Materials Science and Engineering in BUCT. CAEM has two major research centers, including “Engineering Research Center of Elastomer Materials Energy Conservation and Resources” and “Beijing Engineering Research Center of Advanced Elastomers”. CAEM is titled as “Changjiang Scholars and Innovation Team Development Plan” and National Defense Science and Technology Innovative Team. CAEM is one of the most important research centers in Chinese rubber science and technology, and also one of the places cultivating high-level talents in this field. CAEM receives a high popularity in the worldwide. 


CAEM relies on materials science of the national key subject, also belongs to “State Key Laboratory of Organic-Inorganic Composites”, “Key Laboratory of Beijing City on Preparation and Processing of Novel Polymer Materials”, “Key Laboratory of Carbon fiber and Functional Polymeric Materials of Ministry of Education”, “Bio-medical Materials of Beijing City”, and “Laboratory of High Performance Thermoplastic Elastomer Engineering”.


CAEM is famous for preparation and application technology research of elastomeric materials, and is based on preparation science of elastomeric materials and structure-property of materials. It aims to national resources, energy, environment, life health and improvement of traditional industry technology. CAEM aims to promote the whole technique and equipment level of national elastomeric materials, forming our own discipline characteristics. CAEM aims to cultivate innovative talents with high quality, produces research achievements with high quality, develops key technique with our own knowledge rights, and creates influential new materials, serving for national economics and society development.


In recent years, CAEM has undertaken and finished multiple national and ministry research projects, including 973 projects, 973 sub-projects, national science and technology supporting plan, 863 project, key project of NSF and international cooperation project, national defense projects and basic research projects, major and key projects of Ministry of Education, Key projects of NSF of Beijing, and other multiple enterprise supporting projects.  


CAEM has published over 1000 papers on Chinese and English core journals, and over 400 papers belong to SCI. CAEM was invited to write and edit 7 English major books, university books such as “Polymer Processing Engineering”, “Polymeric Materials”, “Polymer molding and processing principle”, “rubber engineering”, Chapter 5 “ Chemical and physical modification of rubber” of “Synthetic Rubber Industry Handbook”.


CAEM has been awarded 1 second prize of national technology invention, 1 second prize of national science-technology progress award, 9 first prize and 6 second prize of provincial and ministerial technology invention and science-technology progress. 5 achievements were identified as the international leading level, and 18 achievements were identified as the international advanced level. CAEM has been granted over 120 Chinese patents, and has applied over 100 Chinese patents. The members of CAEM have won Hou Debang Chemical Industry Science and Technology Award, China Youth Scientific Award, Award for Scientific and Technology Innovation of Ho Leung Ho Lee, Spark-Thomas Award from ACS Rubber Division, Morand Lambla Award from International Polymer Processing Society, Asia Research Award from Society of Chemical Engineering of Japan. 


CAEM has won the national excellent teaching team of polymer engineering, national excellent course of polymer processing engineering. Some members of CAEM are fellows of China’s Tire Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, China Chemical Industry and Engineering Society, China Rubber Division, China Composite Materials Society, China Micro and Nano Composite Division, Chinese Materials Research Society, Chinese Polymer Materials Engineering and New Materials Professional Division of China Chemical Industry and Engineering Society. Also, Some members are the Editorial members of “Journal of Applied Polymer Science”, “Express Polymer Letter”, “Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry”, “Plastics, Rubber and Composites: Molecular Engineering”, “Rubber Chemistry and Technology” et al.


CAEM has established a wide research exchanging and cooperation with national, international universities and institutes. CAEM cooperates with DAWN Group, Linglong Tire, Aeolus Tire, DongfangYuhong, Wuxi Baotong and other enterprises, and achieves a large amount of applied science and technology achievements. CAEM and these enterprises have set up lots of special scholarships for students in Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The number of the winners is about 500 per year. 


CAEM is collaborating closely with University of Akron, Case Western Reserve University, Louisiana Tech University, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, Bradford University, Sydney University, University of Lorraine, Polytechnic University of Milan, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Goodyear, Lanxess, Japan Sumitomo rubber industry group, Dow chemical, Dupont and high-performance fiber companies of the United States. 

2The main research direction

(1) Design and synthesis of novel elastomers

Hydrogen nitrite butadiene rubberHNBR

Solution styrene butadiene rubberSSBR

Epoxidized styrene butadiene and silicon rubber

Bio-based engineering elastomerBEE

Biomedical elastomer

Dandelion (novel natural rubber)

Polyphosphazenes elastomer



(2) New reinforcing technique and theory of elastomer materials

Elastomer abrasion, wet skid and fatigue theory

New rubber reinforcement theorypercolation theory

Multi-scale simulation of elastomeric materials

Filler-rubber interfacial design

Nano-reinforced elastomer (clay, grapheme, carbon nanotube)

Long/short fiber and starch reinforced elastomer

Nanofiller dispersion technique and science



(3) Preparation and theory of special and functional elastomer composites

Electro-magnetic wave shielding elastomer composite

Halogen free flame retardant elastomer composite

Thermal elastomer and thermal interface elastomer composite

Dielectric and electrostriction elastomer composite

Waterproof and impermeable elastomer composite

Elastomer composites for adsorbing sound

Elastomer composites for isolating earthquake 

Elastomer composites for reducing vibration and noise

Elastomer composites against abrasion

Elastomer composites for oil-resistance and oil-adsorbing

Elastomer aging mechanism and service life prediction



(4) Advanced elastomer materials facing resources and environment

Green tire materials with low oil consumption and long service life

Thermoplastic elastomer (TPV, TPU, TPO, TPEE)

Effective green de-vulcanization technique of rubber

Recycling technique of rubber

Low temperature and energy-saving of asphalt modified by rubber power



(5) Advanced elastomer materials facing life health

Elastomer materials for shielding X-ray

Guided tissue regeneration membrane

Bionic artificial intervertebral disc


Design and preparation of novel elastomer materials for medical use

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