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Research Units


Laboratory of Adhesive and In-situ Polymerization TechnologyLAIPT





Laboratory of Adhesive and In-situ Polymerization TechnologyLAIPT, subordinated to college of materials science and engineering, was founded in 2005. Relied on National key disciplines of material science in Beijing University of Chemical Technology, the LAIPT has achieved the largest academic research group focusing on adhesive studies in China. Currently, there are nine core members in our group including five professors, three of who take the role of Ph.D. supervisor. They all have solid education background in chemistry, majoring in organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, inorganic chemistry, metal materials, material analysis and polymer materials. Nearly 50 doctors and masters are pursuing their degree in laboratory.


During last five years, LAIPT has hosted and completed more than 20 national and provincial research projects, including National High Technology Research and Development Program 863, National Natural Science Foundation , International Cooperative program from Ministry of Science and Technology,  Chinese Defence Advance Research Program of Science and Technology, and Natural Science Foundation Program of Beijing, via which we have formed advanced vision and opinion in adhesive materials and in-situ polymerization technology. LAIPT has undertaken plenty of authorized projects from enterprises and established wide contract with domestic and international leading enterprises concentrating on adhesives industry, such as BASF, GOODYEAR , SIKA, Sinopec Balin, Sinomatech Wind Power Balde Co., Ltd.AVIC Beijing Institute of Aeronautical MaterialYantai Darbond Technology Co., Ltd.HuaweiFoshan NationStar Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.. Meanwhile, we also founded five united research center with the following companies, Beijing Building Construction Research InstituteZhengzhou Zhongyuan Application Technology Research and Development Co., Ltd.Jiagmen yetom plastic products Co.,Ltd.Hebei Tongcheng Technology Co., Ltd.TONSAN Adhesive,Inc,.



Prof. Dr. Junying Zhang (Director of the group),

Prof. Dr. Jue Cheng,

Prof. Dr. Jingbo Zhao,

Associated Prof. Dr. Ling Shi,

Associated Prof. Dr. Junjiao Yang,

Lecturer Xiangyuan Li

Lecturer Xin Lin


Research Field


1Molecular design, synthesis  methods, structure-activity relationship study and application development of adhesive materials adhesives, matrix resins and coatings ,


2Technology and theory study of adhesives and in-situ polymerization.



4Specific Research Field

1Molecular design, synthesis, characterization and theory study of specialty structured matrix resins

2Application study of specialty resins on composite matrix resins, adhesives, sealing and coatings


3Preparations and theory study of functional adhesives and sealing including high temperature resistant, heat conductive, lightning, electric conductive and transmission materials    


4Preparation of organic-inorganic hybrid materials as well as their application study on high temperature resistant adhesives and preceramic polymers 

5Design, preparation and structure-activity relationship study of polyester based biodegradable materials

6Mechanism and application of in-situ polymerization Technology


7Theory of adhesive and desorption.


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