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Research Units


Laboratory of Controlled Polymerization and Functional Polymeric Materials


(Front from right to left: Prof. Jingbo ZHAO, Prof. Lianying LIU, Prof. Wantai YANG, Prof. Meizhen YIN, Prof. Qigu HUANG. Back from right to left: Dr. Li WANG, Prof. Yuhong MA, Prof. Jianping DENG, Prof. Changwen Zhao, and Dr. Dong Chen.)





The laboratory was established in 1996 intended to explore new chemistries in transferring inert C-H bonds to reactive or polar groups. With the continuous efforts of more than 20 years, we have created a number of new chemistries and developed a number of novel technologies in polymer surface modification, functionaliztion of polyolefins, and the new technologies of controlled radical polymerizations. Some of the new technologies have been licensed to industrial companies. The achievements, to name a few, including:


Photo-assisted Surface C-H Transformation Chemistry and Related Technology. Coined a concept of “surface confined reaction” and developed a series reaction, for examples, the surface living radical grafting polymerization in organic polymer substrates, confined photo-catalytic oxidation, and oxygen- centered phenoxy radical coupling. The surface living grafting polymerizations have been successfully applied not only to grafting polymer brushes but to fabricate 3-D micro-architectures on the surface of flat/particulateorganic substrates. In addition, the surface grafting polymerization has also been applied to develop new high performance polyolefin grafting polymers. The last to reactions are robust tools in introducing monolayer reactive and polar groups, such as hydroxyl, carboxyl, amino, epoxy, thiol and glycosyl onto the organic substrates. These attractive chemistries and technology have been published as invited reviews (Chem. Rev., 2013, 113, 5547-94 and Prog. Polym. Sci., 2009, 34, 156-93) and feature article (Polymer, 2011, 52, 4159-73).


Self-stablized Precipitation Polymerization.  With the controlled the difference of the solubility parameters of the solvent and polymer, a new heterogeneous polymerization process differentiated from the conventional emulsion, suspension and dispersion polymerization was observed and we named as “Self-stablized Precipitation Polymerization”. After the nucleation stage, both the monomer conversions and particle sizes increased steadily, while the coefficient of variation of the particle size decreased. The almost linear relationship between the Dn3 and the weight of produced polymer was observed.


In the past decade, the scope of our lab is extended to the living radical polymerization, controlled coordination polymerization of vinyl and acetenyl monomers. With these novel polymerization chemistry and process as tools, various functional polymers, for example, high performance polyolefins, helix polymer, and polyacrylamide of tolerance to high temperature and salinity have been developed.    There are some promising areas, such as cycloketyl radical mediated living polymerization, molecular net-cloth grafted on polymeric substrates and its application for cell and enzyme immobilization, diseases detecting and dianogosis chips, etc. 





Prof. Dr. Wantai YANG is the team leader and members are Prof. Dr. Jianping DENG, Prof. Dr. Meizhen YIN, Prof. Dr. Qigu HUANG, Prof. Dr. Yuhong MA, Prof. Dr. Jingbo ZHAO, Associate Prof. Dr. Lianying LIU, Associate Prof. Dr. Yan SHI, Associate Prof. Dr. Changwen ZHAO, Dr. Dong CHEN and Dr. Li WANG.





3Research areas


The objective of the laboratory is to develop new chemistry and process of polymerization and theirs applications in synthesis high performance polymer-based materials for various industrial sections. The scope and interesting include:


Ø  Photo-induced C-H bond transforming chemistry;


Ø  Photo-induced surface-initiated grafting polymerization;


Ø  Fabricating bio-chip and encapsulating enzyme


Ø  Controlled radical polymerization with metal-free initiator/catalyst


Ø  Preparing high performance polyolefins with novel structures;


Ø  Controlled polymerization of acetenyl monomers and helix polymers;


Ø  Polymer-based bio-imaging materials;


Ø  Polyacrylamide of tolerance to high temperature and salinity for oil recovery.






4Selected Publications


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2.        Wantai Yang,  Lihua Zhang,  Yuhong Ma,  Changwen Zhao,  Xing Zhu,

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3.        Xianguang Huang,  Li Wang, and 

Wantai Yang. Preparation of Core–shell Particles by Surface Initiated Cycloketyl Radical Mediated Living Polymerization. Polym. Chem., 2015, 6, 6664-6670.


4.        Yanan Liu, Wang Liu, Yuhong Ma, Lianying Liu, Wantai Yang. Direct One-Pot Synthesis of Chemically Anisotropic Particles with Tunable Morphology, Dimensions, and Surface Roughness. Langmuir, 2015, 31, 925-936.


5.        Yanan Liu, Yuhogn Ma, Lianying Liu, and Wantai Yang. Facile Synthesis of Core-shell/Hollow Anisotropic Particles via Control of Cross-linking During One-pot Dispersion Polymerization. J. Colloid Interf. Sci., 2015, 445, 268-276.


6.        Wenchao Ma, Dong Chen, Lianying Liu, Yuhong Ma, Li Wang, and Changwen Zhao, Wantai Yang.Visible Light-Induced Thiol-Ene Reaction: A New Strategy to Prepare A,ω-Dithiol and A,ω-Divinyl Telechelic Polythiolether Oligomers. J. Polym. Sci. Part A: Polym Chem., 2015, 53, DOI: 10.1002/pola.20150580.


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13.    Zhifeng Lin, Yuhong Ma, Changwen Zhao, Ruichao Chen, Xing Zhu, Lihua Zhang, Xu Yan, and Wantai Yang. An Extremely Simple Method for Fabricating 3D Protein Microarrays with an Anti-fouling Background and High Protein Capacity. Lab Chip, 2014, 14, 2505–2514.


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