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Research Units


Laboratory for Structure and Properties of Special Polymers



The Research Laboratory of Structures and Properties of Special Hybrid Polymers, originated from the Research Laboratory of Polymer Physics, is a subsidiary of the College of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and affiliated to the State Key Laboratory of Chemical Resource Engineering. The research work is focused on special hybrid polymers and aims at industry-academy cooperation. The research laboratory presently consists of 3 teachers and over 40 masterate and doctorate candidates. Closely concerned with national and social demands, the research laboratory pays attention to the international frontier development in the field of polymer materials science, and sticks to achieving the combination of characteristics and connotations, and the fusion of fundamental research and engineering research. Its research work range from silicon hybrid materials, functional hybrid materials applied in electronics, energy and environment, and the preparation and modification of polymers. The research laboratory has established several distinctive research fields and made a series of achievements in scientific research and talent cultivation. More than 100 papers were published and 15 patents were authorized.



Qifang Li, Professor

Guang-Xin Chen, Professor

Zheng Zhou, Associate professor


Research areas


1The fabrication and assembly of special silicone hybrid materials

Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (POSS) reagents, monomers, and polymers are emerging as a new chemical technology for nano-reinforced organic-inorganic hybrids and the polymers incorporating POSS monomers are becoming the focus of many studies in view of their excellent mechanical properties, thermal stability, simplicity in processing and flame retardation etc. We synthesized several POSSs with reactive groups, such as double bond, carboxyl, amino, epoxy, organic metal, rare earth, based on molecular designing. Combined POSS with the hydrophilic substance, the photosensitive material, temperature sensitive material, and PH sensitive material, the amphiphilic hybrid copolymers were prepared and their multiple response assembly was studied both in aqueous and oil solution.



2Special hybrid polymer and its composites

Based on the POSS materials, a series of composite materials compound the epoxy and cyanate ester resin, poly(urethane-imide), fluorinated poly(urethane-imide), and poly(urea-imide) with POSS were prepared for the applications at advanced electronic package substrate, high temperature resistant materials, visible light curing dental resin materials, and protective materials of spacecrafts, while the structure and properties of these composites were studied. Novel photovoltaic macromolecules was prepared and studied.



3Modification of carbon nanotubes and their nanocomposites

By grafting or coating organic, inorganic, polymer, POSS and metal onto the surface of carbon nanotube, the varied hybrid materials were synthesized and their polymeric nanocomposites were prepared with the controlled properties, such as the electrical properties, the dielectrical properties, the heat conduction performance, and the catalytic performance.



4The preparation and modification of high performance resin

The research involved the special polyoxymethylene resin, the Nylon 11 resin, the environmental-friendly water expandable polystyrene, and the special surface coating resin for wind power blade.


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