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Research Units

Research Laboratory of Biomaterials and Ecomaterials (RLBE)



The Research Laboratory of Biomaterials and Ecomaterials (RLBE) was found in 2002. Currently, three professors, two associate professors and one engineer work together with 50 plus graduate students in the laboratory. RLBE focuses its research work on bio-based materials, biomedical materials and environmental friendly materials, including fundamental investigation and product R&D. Long-term accumulation has built up significant reputation of the laboratory in the research areas related to collagen and gelatin, biomass-based carbon material, thermo-reversible crosslinking of polymers, acrylic latex, high performance phenolic material or functional electrospun nanofibers. In the last three years, RLBE members have been conducting dozens of R&D projects with a total funding more than ten million RMB, including those funded by China National Science and Technology Support Program, Natural Science Foundation of China, Key Science and Technology Program of Beijing City and local or international company. In addition, the professors in the laboratory teach several core courses for undergraduate students major in Biomaterials or Polymer Materials and Engineering. Newly findings from their research work are brought into the class to promote scientific training of the students. Each year many students join innovative RLBE team to pursue master or doctoral degree. Also, RLBE always welcomes high grade undergraduates to study and carry out design or research for their graduation projects under the guidance of RLBE professors.



CHEN, Xiaonong

HUANG, Yaqin

LIU, Shiwei

SHI, Shuxian

SU, Zhiqiang

XIA, Yuzheng


3Research areas

Bio-based materials such as collagen and gelatin, biomass-based carbon material, natural fiber; biomedical materials and products; new energy materials; environmental friendly polymers and energy saving materials; polymer colloids and interface; smart materials and nano materials/devices; high performance resins; functional coatings and adhesives; emulsion polymerization mechanism and latex.  




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