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Research Units

Membrane Science and Engineering Research Group



The membrane science and engineering research group is under the subordinate to both the college of materials science and engineering in BUCT and the membrane engineering research center of the Chemical Engineering Industry in China. Currently, there are 4 faculty members (3 professors and 1 associate professors), over 40 graduate students in our group. We also offer post-doc opportunities and seek co-operations to universities, colleges, research centers, and companies all over the world. 

We focus on developing advanced polymeric membranes for the applications in national resource, energy, environment, hygiene, and traditional industries. Our research interests include chemical engineering and material science. We aim to (1) develop technologies for fabricating separation membranes, (2) design of state of the art membrane processes, (3) explore advanced membrane based applications, and (4) porous carbon used as electrode of supercapacitors and capacitive deionization applications. Our researches also involve areas such as fuel cell, membrane reactor, and the incorporation of membrane technology to other industrial processes. In addition, our research group is eager to train students, publish high quality papers and file patents.

Our lab has many advanced instruments including GC, HPLC, Ion Chromatography, GPC, FTIR, Mercury Intrusion Porosimetry, Contact Angle Meter, Gas Permeation Cell, Gas sorption Cell et al. Hence, we provide excellent research conditions for both fundamental researches and industrial applications.

Since the foundation of the group, we have received and successfully managed many research projects funded by National Science Foundation (NSF), Ministry of Science and Technology (MST), Ministry of Education (ME), and Beijing Science Foundation et al. We believe that our research achievements have been great contributions to the development of membrane science and technology in China.



CAO, Bing

ZHAO, Jing

MENG, Qinghan

LI, Pei


3Research areas

Research interests include (1) the fabrications and characterizations of membranes for gas and liquid separations, (2) molecular designs of membrane materials, (3) goal-directed membrane structures, (4) designation, modeling, and simulation of membrane processes, (4) fuel cell and solid electrolyte, (5) electrical adsorption, (6) fabrications and applications of porous carbon materials.


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