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 Research Center of Photopolymerization Technology (RCPT)





The Research Center of Photopolymerization Technology (RCPT) was found in 2004, and nowadays one professors, two associate professors and two lectures work together with 50 plus graduate students in the laboratory. Photopolymerizations offer tremendous advantages over traditional thermal processing methods, including low energy requirements, spatial and temporal control of initiation, and high polymerization rates. These advantages have led to tremendous growth in applications of photopolymerizations; however, much of this growth is occurring without a fundamental understanding of the underlying photochemical processes. Hence, the objectives of RCPT are to advance the fundamental understanding of the kinetics and mechanisms of photopolymerizations; to explore cutting-edge research on photopolymerization processes leading to technological innovations; and to promote and/or develop novel applications resulted from the unique set of advantages of photopolymerizations. Furthermore, RCPT aims to establish an active dialog between academic and industrial researchers to establish a venue for industrial/academic interactions with industrial scientists providing guidance for academic research.




NIE, Jun                                                     

HE, Yong

MA, Guiping

ZHU, Xiaoqun

SHANG, Chunhua

3Research areas

RCPT will focus on unique applications of photopolymerization technology; fundamental understanding of the kinetics, mechanisms, photoinitiation processes and polymer structural evolution in cationic and radical photopolymerizations; development of improved methods for monitoring photopolymerizations in situ and on-line; and modeling, optimization and control of photopolymerization processes.




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