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Research Units

Advanced composite center (ACC)



  Advanced composite center (ACC) was established in 2000, and is a professional platform which engages in teaching and scientific research in the field of the carbon fiber composites, nanocomposites and functional composites. At present, the center has 9 faculty, including 5 professors, 3 associate professors, 1 lecturer, which contain one Changjiang Scholar Professor and three Across (New) Century Excellent Talents, the Ministry of Education. Currently there are more than 100 doctoral candidates and master graduate students in ACC.

  After years of construction and development, the distinctive teaching and research features with high level have been formed. Many processing and testing facilities for advanced composites have been configured, such as pultrusion production line, six dimensional winding machine, and thermal analysis instruments. At the same time, relying on State Key Laboratory of Organic-Inorganic Composites, National Center Carbon Fiber Engineering and Technology, and Beijing Laboratory of Biomedical Materials, ACC has established close relations of cooperation with the domestic and foreign enterprises and research institutions. In recent years, the faculties of ACC have undertaken a number of state-level scientific research projects. Every year, more than 40 SCI papers are published, and over 20 patents are applied and authorized.  


YANG, Xiaoping

ZHONG, Weihong

SUI, Gang

YU, Yunhua

CAI, Qing


JIA, Xiaolong

LAN, Jinle

LI, Peng

3Research areas
      1. Carbon fiber composites
      2. High performance of resin matrix
      3. Biological functional composites
      4. Functional nanocomposites

      5. High performance of electrode and polymer electrolyte materials
      6. Thermoelectric materials



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