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Research Units

 Research Laboratory of High-Performance Polymers (RLHP)




Research Laboratory of High-Performance Polymers (RLHP) of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT), was established in 2006. The laboratory is supported by the State Key Discipline of Materials Science, Beijing Municipal Discipline of Polymer Chemical and Physics, State Key Laboratory of Chemical Resource Engineering, State Key Laboratory of Organic-Inorganic Composites, and National Engineering Research Center of Carbon Fibers. The Laboratory is characteristic of its fundamental researches and applicable developments on polymer science and engineering. The director of RLHP is Prof. Dezhen Wu, who is a prominent expert on the fabrication of polyimide fibers and the processing of thermoplastics. Currently, there are six full-time staffs working in RLHP, including Dezhen Wu (director, full professor), Xiaodong Wang (full professor), Zhanpeng Wu (full professor), Shengli Qi (probationary professor), Guofeng Tian (associate professor) and Hongqin Niu (associate professor). These core staffs all received the Ph.D. degree and had the experience of oversea study. Meanwhile, three research assistants and two post-doctors are conducting their research work in this laboratory. After 8 years of development, RLHP has become a prominent research group with remarkable research capacity and good conditions for scientific research. Nowadays, there are over 120 students studying and working for the doctoral and master’s degree in the laboratory every year.

  The research of RLHP is mainly focused on the preparation and applications of multi-functional and high-performance polyimide fibers and films, polymer blending and processing, microstructural tuning and fabrication of polymeric functional materials under extreme operating conditions, and design and synthesis of multi-functional microencapsulated phase-change materials, etc. The laboratory is also promoting well-coordinated development of the research achievements for industrial applications. Since 2006, RLHP has undertaken over 40 scientific research projects, of which 10 are sponsored by the National Natural Science Fund of China, 2 by the State Key Technology R&D Program, 2 by the State Key Basic Research (863) Program, and 3 by the State Key Basic Research (973) Program while 15 titled as Departmental and Provincial Key R&D Programs. In addition, the research has been awarded 8 prizes at provincial level or above, including 4 national awards and 4 provincial or ministerial prizes. Meanwhile, 150 papers have been published on the international academic journals and cited by SCIE, EI and ISTP by the end of 2013. The laboratory has more than 20 authorized invention patents. RLHP has been ranking the top ten among research groups in BUCT.

  In recent years, RLHP has established a global collaboration with several world-famous universities and institutes such as Case Western Reserve University, the University of Akron, Nagoya University, University Pierre et Marie Curie, Turkish Uludag Textile Exporters Association, etc. With precise knowledge pursuit, the laboratory eminent spirit of comity and factualism has come into being, which help cultivating exclusive scientific and technological talents that are welcomed to the society. Facing the new century, RLHP will take innovation as pre-requisite, regard individual as its roots, consider talent cultivation as its ultimate aim and highlight scientific and technological pursuit. RLHP welcomes all of the excellent students to join in the laboratory and help them realize the dream as an outstanding scientists and engenderers in polymeric materials.




Prof. Dr. Dezhen Wu (Director of the group),

Prof. Dr. Xiaodong Wang,

Prof. Dr. Zhanpeng Wu,

Prof. Dr. Shengli Qi,

Associated Prof. Dr. Guofeng Tian,

Associated Prof. Dr. Hongqin Niu,



3Research areas

(1) Preparation and applications of high-performance polyimide fibers

(2) Synthesis and modification of high-performance and multifunctional polyimide films

(3) Modification, processing and applications of high-performance thermoplastic alloys and composites.

(4) Preparation of special polymeric materials and its applications in the critical condition.

(5) Design and synthesis of multifunctional microencapsulated phase change materials.


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