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Research Units


Laboratory of High Performance Carbon Fiber


1. Introduction

The laboratory of high performance carbon fiber was founded at 1980’s and was a member of National Carbon Fiber Engineering and TechnologyResearchCenter, which was the top leader in this field in China. There are 1 professor, 3 associated professors and 2 lecturers as well as over 30 postgraduate students in our group.

Our research target is focus on the science and technology for carbon fiber manufacturing including polymerization, spinning and carbonization, concern about the disciplines of polymer science, physical chemistry, material science and engineering, composite and so on. Many advanced equipments and instruments were owned for research purpose and hundreds of professional students were graduated from this laboratory and devoted themselves to related field. Based on the excellent team and platform, we participated in a series of National Science and Technology Plan and guide both the scientific research and industrial development of carbon fiber in China.

In future, we would like to cooperate with all domestic and international colleagues in the field of carbon fiber. Furthermore, developing much more talents is always our dream. 

2. Memebers

Xu Lianghua

Li Changqing

Tong Yuanjian

Cao Weiyu

Gao Aijun

Wang Yu

Zhao Zhenwen


3. Research Area

High Performance Carbon Fiber, Polymer Science, Carbon Materials


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