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Institute of Carbon Fibers and Composites

 1Brief Introduction:

Institute of Carbon Fibers and Composites (ICFC) was founded in 1986, and mainly engages in scientific research, technology development, technical services and personnel training in carbon fibers and their composites. After years of construction and development, ICFC has become an important platform and provides a strong support in research, development and industrial upgrading of high-performance carbon fiber, other carbon materials and composites.

At present, there are 22 teachers and more than 100 graduate students in ICFC, including five professors and researchers, seven associate professors, ten lecturers and engineers. ICFC offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and is also committed to training qualified personnel with solid specialty basic knowledge and professional skills in material science and engineering, especially carbon materials.

As one of the core components of National Carbon Fiber Engineering & Technology Research Center, the Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Carbon Fiber and Functional Polymer Materials and State Key Laboratory of Chemical Organic-Inorganic Composites, ICFC implements the major national demand, and establishes and shepherds cooperative relations between the domestic and foreign universities, enterprises and research institutions. ICFC has achieved a series of high-level scientific research achievements. In recent years, ICFC undertakes a number of state-level scientific research projects including "863" Project, "973" Project, National Natural Science Foundation Project of China, Defense Project and enterprise projects.

ICFC will adhere to innovative research and development, open service, and make much greater contribution to the technology and industry development of carbon fiber.


2The main research directions

1) PAN-based Carbon Fibers:

Scientific research, Technology development, Engineering technology, Technical services for PAN-based carbon fibers (high strength, high strength-medium modulus, high modulus and high strength-high modulus carbon fibers)


2) Pitch-based Carbon Fibers:

Scientific research, Technology development, Engineering technology, Technical services for Pitch-based carbon fibers (general pitch-based, mesophase pitch-based and irregular-section carbon fibers)


3) Carbon Fiber Composites:

Resin-based composites, Carbon/carbon composites, Ceramics-based composites and other composites



4) Functional Carbon Materials:

Carbon materials for new energy, environment protection, thermal management, and other functional carbon materials


5) Carbon Fiber Property Evaluation:

Carbon fibers, Ceramics fibers, Organic fibers and their textile, and corresponding composites

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