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Department of Modern Macromolecular Engineering

  Welcome to Modern Macromolecular Engineering


1Brief Introduction:

Department of Modern Macromolecular Engineering was established in Dec., 2006.

This department is a research-based education unit. Great efforts have been devoted to the tight coupling and mutual promotion between research and education, and strong emphases have been placed on theoretical study and experimental skill training. There are around 160 graduate students for master degree and around 60 Ph D candidates in our department.

Researches in the department focus on the fundamental investigation of macromolecular science including the discipline theories of macromolecular chemistry, macromolecular physics and macromolecular materials, molecular engineering of polymers (molecular design - chemical synthesis - structure and property - materials and applications), and the promotion of frontier of discipline and prospective exploration.

The department has organized a strong-competitive academic team. Now, there are 23 faculty members in our department, including 10 professors, 11 associate professors, 4 lecturers and 1 laboratory technician. Among them, there are 2 distinguished professors of “Chang-jiang Scholars Program” of the Ministry of Education, 2 winners of Outstanding Funding for Young Scientists of the National Natural Science Foundation of China.


2Research Interests

1) Controlled/Living Polymerization and Macromolecular Engineering

2) Methodology for Polymer Synthesis

3) Kinetics and Mechanism for Polymerizations

4) Relationship between structure and property of polymers

5) High Performance/Functional Polyolefins via Controlled polymerization

6) High Performance Synthetic Rubbers via controlled polymerizations

7) High-performance Thermoplastic Elastomers

8) Melt crystallization, Surface confined crystallization, Shear induced crystallization of polymers; Miscibility and crystallization behavior of biodegradable polymer blends and nanocomposites

9) New chemistry and its applications in tailoring functional polymers

10) Design, Synthesis & Applications of Chiral, Helical and Bio-based Polymers

11) Fluorescent Dye, Self-assembled Macromolecules, Nano-Particles for Biological Probe/Detection, Gene/drug Transfection/Delivery

12) Molecular Engineering on Polymer Surface

13) Functional Polymer Membranes for fuel cells

14) Self-healing Polymer Materials

15) Polymer Materials with Excellent Air Barrier Property

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