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Department of Metallic Surface Engineering

 1Brief Introduction:

Corrosion not only covers all key industrial fields such as chemical processing, oil and gas production, transportation and refinery, but also involves all facets of the world’s infrastructure such as highways, bridges, and buildings in our social life. Like earthquakes, tsunami or other natural hazards, corrosion can cause severe damage and threats to public safety, economy, and environment. Just in economic loss alone, the annual cost of corrosion worldwide is estimated to exceed $U.S.1.8 trillion, which translates to 3 to 4% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of industrialized countries. Therefore, the research on corrosion science and protection technology of metal materials always receives more attention from science agencies and their researchers around the world. Many potential risk of corrosion can be avoided effectively by taking appropriate corrosion protection measures.

The Department of Metal Surface Engineering (DMSE) of Beijing University of Chemical Technology enjoys a strong faculty team. Currently, there are 12 faculties all with a doctorate in the DMSE. Among them, there are 7 full professors, 3 associate professor and 2 lecturers. The department is responsible for undergraduates and graduates teaching task in College of Material Science and Engineering (metal material science). The purpose of DMSE is to train qualified personnel with solid specialty basic knowledge and professional skills in material science and engineering. DMSE tends to put more effort into cultivate a talent with high comprehensive quality such as innovation ability, team spirit, social responsibility and lifelong learning ability.

The curriculum system of DMSE: Foundations of Materials Science and Engineering, Material Physics, Material Chemistry, Material Synthesis, Preparation and Processing, Material Science Research Methods, Electrochemical Principles and Applications, Metal Material and Heat Treatment, Corrosion and Protection Science, Surface Engineering and so on.  

2The main research direction:

(1) Corrosion behavior and failure mechanism of metal materials.

(2) Corrosion protection technology of metal materials, such as coating, cathodic protection, corrosion inhibitor and so on.

(3) Protection of metal materials and other cultural relics.

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