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Department of Biomaterials

 1Brief Introduction:

Taking the advantage of polymer science of CMSE, Department of Biomaterials worked on talent training, fundamental research and application development in the field of biomedical materials by integrating material science, chemistry, medicine and other disciplines. There are 17 faculty members, including one Changjiang Scholar Distinguished Professor and, at the same time, seven professors. In 2004, authorized by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, the first undergraduate major of “biofunctional materials”, which is now renamed as “functional materials”, in China was established. In 2013, Beijing Laboratory of Biomedical Materials was founded by the federation of our faculty and several other universities, institutes, hospitals and enterprises, with the faculty taking a dominant role. Using the“Manufacture-Education-Research-Medicine-Application”model, the lab has improved the quality of teaching, scientific research and training of the students, and meanwhile, it raised the overall level of domestic industry of biomedical materials.

After a decade’s development, Department of Biomaterials has reached great achievements in oral materials, hard tissue repair materials, gene/drug delivery materials, photopolymerization materials, gelatin-based materials, surface modification of biomedical materials, etc., and gained a good reputation inside and outside China. 

2The main research direction:

(1) High-performance gene/drug delivery systems

(2) Organic/inorganic hybrid multifunctional nanomaterials

(3) Visualized biosensors for in vitro detection of biomarkers

(4) Surface modification of biomedical materials

(5) Macromolecules for Bio-imaging applications

(6) Novel Bio-materials for immune responses 

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