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The research plan of CMSE is to meet the national strategic needs, aiming at the international academic frontier. After all the efforts made by the faculties and staffs as well as students, CMSE has obtained a great number of important scientific research achievements in major basic research, science and technology development, and application of scientific research results. In recent five years (2010-2014), CMSE has received many government awards, including 4 National Technology & Invention Awards and 20 Provincial and ministerial science or technology awards. The tremendous progress in research is also evident by the high quality of work published and patented. 2090 papers have been published, among which 1498 papers are indexed by SCI, and 485 papers are published in TOP journals. 840 patents have been applied, among which 445 patents have been issued.
High level papersIF>6
Chemical Reviews——1paper
Progress in Polymer Science——3 papers
Advanced Materials——6 papers
Angewandte Chemie International Edition——3 papers
ACS Nano——2 papers
Nano Energy——1 paper
Advanced Functional Materials——4 papers
NPG Asia Materials——2 papers
Energy and Environmental Science——2 papers
J. Am. Chem. Soc.——2 papers
Biomaterial——6 papers
Nanoscale——4 papers
Small——9 papers
Chemical Communication——7 papers
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces—— 22 papers
Journal of Power Sources——4 papers
Carbon——27 papers
Acta Biomaterialia——1 paper
Mainstream journals
Journal of Materials Chemistry——55 papers
Polymer——51 papers
Macromolecules——31 papers
Macromolecular Rapid Communications——15 papers
Langmuir——15 papers
Biomacromolecules——4 papers
Electrochimica Acta——8 papers
Electrochemistry Communications——4 papers
Corrosion Science
Corrosion Science——9 papers
Applied Surface Science——4 papers
Electrochimica Acta——2 papers
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