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Materials Science and Engineering

1 Program Objectives and Fundamental Requirements

1.1 Program Objectives
To train qualified people on materials science and engineering who can satisfy the requirement of the economic and social developments of the country by firm fundamental theory and knowledge on natural science and social science. They should master systemic fundamental knowledge and skills on materials science and engineering with high comprehensive quality, creative ability, cooperative spirits, senses of community responsibility and ability of lifelong learning. After graduation, they should have the work ability of research, technological development, engineering design, technological and economic management in the fields of metal materials, ceramics materials and composite materials.
1.2 Fundamental Requirements
The graduates should have the following knowledge and abilities:
(1) Firm fundamental theory and knowledge on natural science and social science.
(2) Fundamental knowledge and application skills on engineering technologies related to material field of chemical engineering, mechanics, electronics, and computer.
(3) Firm fundamental theory on materials science and the fundamental rule of the relations among the composition, structure, production technique and properties of metal materials, ceramics materials, and composite materials.
(4) Abilities of material selection, material testing, material production design, material surface modification, research and development of new material products, new material technology, and material equipments, and technology management.
(5) Appreciation on materials in daily life and consciousness, methods and ability of lifelong learning.
(6) Good ability of professional and social communication, and good mastery on a foreign language with fundamental abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
(7) Mental and physical healthy and habit of physical exercise to ensure the service on society.

2. Kernel courses of Materials Science and Engineering Program
Materials Physics, Material Chemistry, Preparation and Processing of Materials, Methodology for Materials Measurement, Inorganic Non-metallic Material Engineering, Fundamentals and Equipments for Thermal Engineering, Corrosion and Protection, Metal Materials and Heat Treatment
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