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Chemistry (CMSE)


In 1982, Master program was approved by the Office of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and Doctoral program was approved in 2000, and first-degree priority discipline of Beijing was awarded by the Beijing municipal education commission in 2001. Also, it is one of the key subjects of the "211 Project" construction.

There are 51 professors, 45 associate professors, including 1 Distinguished Expert of Thousand Talents Program, 3 Chair Professors of Yangtze River Scholars Program, 2 Distinguished Young Scholars Supported by National Natural Science Funds, 1 winner of the national distinguished teacher reward, 1 Professors of Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project, 5 winners of Education Ministry's New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan. This discipline has already formed a characteristic subject direction, including photo polymerization and surface engineering, controlled ion polymerization and synthesis of novel polymer materials, polymer crystalline structure and morphology, organic inorganic hybrid materials, high performance thermosetting resins and their cross-linking chemistry, etc. We have a set of instruments and equipments used for composition, structure, morphology and properties of polymer. Main research directions including the research on synthesis, design and performance of organic polymer, designs of polymer from atom, molecule, supra-molecular and sub micro phase state, getting the expected molecular structure of polymer through the "large project", achieving high performance and functionality with the aid of physical and chemical modification methods. We have domestic advanced research level in fields of active / controlled polymerization and polymer alloys, etc.
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