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Materials Science and Engineering

In 1982, our Master program was approved by the Office of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, and Doctoral program was approved in 1986, in the same year the subject (then called polymer materials at that time) was listed as national key disciplines by the national education committee. Our Postdoctoral Research Station on Materials Science and Engineering was set up in 1990. The first-level discipline doctorate was awarded in 2000first-degree priority discipline of Beijing was awarded in 2008, at the same time materials science was awarded as the national key discipline.

There are 175 faculties & staffs, 69 persons holding senior academic title, including 1 Distinguished Expert of Thousand Talents Program, 4 Chair Professors of Yangtze River Scholars Program, 1 Lecture Professor of Yangtze River Scholars Program, 6 Distinguished Young Scholars Supported by National Natural Science Funds, 1 Excellent Youth Scholars Supported by National Natural Science Funds. 1 winner of the national distinguished teacher reward, 2 winners of Beijing distinguished teacher reward, 12 winners of Education Ministry's New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan, 2 Innovation Teams of Ministry of Education, 1 National Defense Science and Technology Innovation team, and 2 state-level teaching team. It has built 2 national key laboratories with the relevant colleges, 1 National technological research Center with Jilin petrochemical Co. It has also independently built 1 Beijing laboratory, 1 key laboratory of the ministry of education, 1 engineering research center of the ministry of education, 2 key laboratories of Beijing, 2 municipal engineering technology research center of Beijing, 1 high school discipline innovation base.

This subject paid great attention not only to basic research, but also to advanced materials’ research and development, especially to the high and new material needed by the national economy and the national defense industry. These materials include polymer alloy and composite materials, special and functional elastomeric materials, high performance carbon fiber and its composite materials, metal corrosion and protection, coating and adhesive, polymer materials, surface and interface fields. Lots of research results were published in the international journal of high level, and have won national and provincial awards, enjoyed high reputation in industry. Academic reputation has spread far from home and abroad.

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