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Appointment ceremony of honorary professor held at BUCT for Prof. Patrice Simon

Appointment ceremony of honorary professor held at BUCT for Prof. Patrice Simon

     On December 5, the appointment ceremony for the honorary professorship was held in the meeting room 203 of Office Building at Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT), in which Professor Patrice Simon of Paul Sabatier University was appointed an honorary Professor of BUCT. Prof. GAN Zhihua (Vice-Chair of the University Affairs Council of BUCT), Prof. ZHAO Jing (Chair of College Affairs Committee of Materials Science and Engineering), Prof. GAO Huiling (Deputy-Director of Human Resources Department), Prof. FENG Jianghong (Deputy-Director of the International Exchange & Cooperation Department), and Professor XU Bin as well as the representatives of teachers and students from the College of Materials Science and Engineering attended the appointment ceremony. Prof. XU Bin hosted the appointment ceremony.


Prof. ZHAO Jing introduced the academic background, research interests, and achievements of Prof. Patrice Simon. On behalf of BUCT, Prof. GAN Zhihua, presented the Honorary Professorship certificate to Prof. Patrice Simon. Prof. Simon was also presented with BUCT badge and bouquets by the students’ representatives.

Prof. GAN Zhihua expressed his gratitude to Prof. Patrice Simon’s for his acceptance of the appointment of an honorary professor offered by BUCT, and commended Prof. Simon for his academic achievements. Prof. GAN earnestly hoped that Prof. Patrice Simon would consider himself as a faculty member, and promote the active collaboration between Université Paul Sabatier with BUCT.

Finally, Prof. Patrice Simon delivered a speech. He said that he was honored with the honorary professor appointed by BUCT, and would cherish this honor, and actively participate in strengthening academic cooperation with BUCT.


At the end of the ceremony, Prof. Patrice Simon delivered a lecture on “Electrochemistry at nanoscale: understanding ion adsorption/transfer in energy storage electrodes”, in which the state-of-art in the preparation and energy storage mechanisms for capacitive (porous carbon) and pseudocapacitive materials and their corresponding challenges/limitations were presented. At the end of the lecture, Prof. Simon patiently answered the questions from teachers and students. The lecture was very exciting and innovative, and cherished by both the teachers and students. 

Curriculum Vitae of Professor Patrice Simon:

Patrice Simon is a distinguished Professor of Material Science at the Université Paul Sabatier in France, and the academician of the National Academy of Technologies of French (NATF) and the Academia Europaea. His research focuses on the synthesis and characterization of nanostructured materials for electrochemical energy storage sources, including electrochemical capacitors and Li-ion batteries. Professor Patrice Simon has published about 200 peer-reviewed papers, including publications in Science, Nature Materials, Nature Energy, and Nature Nanotechnology with citations score of more than 55000 times and H-index of 78. He is the award winner of the Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (2012), Silver Medal from the CNRS (2015), Conway Prize in Electrochemistry from ISE (2018), and Grand Prix Pierre Süe from the French Society of Chemistry (2019). He is also an active Fellow of the International Society of Electrochemistry (2017).

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