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Professor Meizhen Yin was awarded the 13th “China Young Women Scientist Award”, the “Young and Middle-aged Scientific and Technological Innovation Leader” of Ministry of Science and Technology and the “Presidential Award” of Beijing University of Chemical Technology”.

 On February 28, 2017, All-China Women's Federation, China Association for Science and Technology, China's UNESCO national committee and L'Oreal announced that the 13th “China Young Women Scientist Award” was given to ten young women in science due to their achievements in mathematics,

physics and medical science and their courage for changing the world with knowledge. Professor Meizhen Yin devoted herself to the construction and biological applications of fluorescent topological macromolecules. Yin brought up a strategy of isolating the organic chromophores from the aqueous environment with protective polymers, which leads to the formation of core-shell polymers and solved the water solubility and photostability problems. Based on the strategy, Yin’s group developed novel fluorescent antitumor drugs and carriers, achieving fluorescence tracking and cancer treatment. The fluorescent carrier was used for gene, drug and protein delivery for pest control, avoiding the abuse of pesticides. Her work promoted the development of fluorescent tracking and antitumor drug delivery, leading to the progress of interdiscipline in chemistry, biomedicine and agriculture, which is of vital academic value and practical application. For instance, Professor Gert O. Pflugfelder at the University of Mainz adopted the fluorescent marcromolecules developed by professor Yin for biology tracer and life science research. Researchers at China agricultural university and south China agricultural university cooperated with professor Yin on insect genetics. 215 candidates in 111 institutions were recommended by 38 experts for the 13th “China Young Women Scientist Award”. After appraisal by review committee, 10 winners were granted the 13th “China Young Women Scientist Award”.

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