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Appointment ceremony of adjunct professors held by BUCT for Prof. BOURBIGOT

On June 21, the appointment ceremony of adjunct professor was held in the center conference room of the Yifu conference center. Prof. Serge BOURBIGOT (Université Lille, France) was invited to become an adjunct professor in BUCT.

Prof. Li Xianyang (vice president of BUCT), Prof. Chen Guohua (vice-director of the department of human resources), Prof. Wang Yongsheng (vice-direct of the department of international exchange and cooperation), Prof. Zhao Jing (chair of the college affairs committee of the College of Materials Science and Engineering), and the representatives of teachers and students from BUCT participated in the appointment ceremony. The host of employment ceremony was Prof. Yu Zhongzhen (associate dean of the College of Materials Science and Engineering).

Prof. Zhao Jing introduced the academic experience, research interests and achievements of Prof. BOURBIGOT. Prof. Li Xianyang presented Prof. BOURBIGOT with the letter of appointment for the adjunct professor. Students’ representative presented BUCT badge and bouquets to the appointee. Prof. Li Xianyang also expressed his warm welcome to the adjunct professor, and gave high evaluation on his academic achievements. Prof. Li Xianyang sincerely hoped that the adjunct professor could regard himself as a member of BUCT from now on and develop a deep collaboration with BUCT.

After employment ceremony, Prof. BOURBIGOT gave an academic report entitled “Intumescence as Versatile Concept for Fire Protection”.

Curriculum Vitae of Prof. BOURBIGOT:

Professor BOURBIGOT received his Ph.D degree at University of Lille, France in 1993. Now, he is the head of Research at ENSCL of the University of Lille, France. His research interest and experiences are mainly focused on flame retardancy engineering of polymers and textiles; development of new flame retardant formulations for polymeric materials; kinetic of degradation of materials, pyrolysis, heat and mass transfer in intumescent materials during combustion and solid state NMR of flame retarded polymeric materials and of nanocomposites. Professor BOURBIGOT has published over 300 papers in peer review journals, chapters in books and in technological journals and has edited 6 scientific books.


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