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Amorphous CuPt Alloy Nanotubes Induced by Na2S2O3 as Efficient Catalysts for the Methanol Oxidation Reaction

Abstract: Here we propose amorphous CuPt alloy hollow nanotubes as efficient catalysts for methanol oxidation reaction (MOR) prepared by Na2S2O3-assisted galvanic replacement reaction. The formation mechanism can be explained by nanoscale kirkendall-effect-induced hollowing process of the galvanic replacement reaction. The electrochemical tests suggest that the amorphous CuPt alloy exhibits better MOR activity and stability than the crystalline CuPt and commercial Pt/C catalysts, which can be ascribed to the enhanced CO tolerance ability of amorphous alloy. XPS measurements demonstrate that the enhanced anti-CO poison characteristic of amorphous CuPt alloy originates from the strong interaction between Pt and Cu atoms as a result of unique crystallization state. This research not only provides a facile approach to synthesize amorphous alloy but also opens up an interesting way for amorphous Pt-based alloy to apply to MOR.

Written by: Jingjun Liu | |