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Hydroxyl-Rich Polycation Brushed Multifunctional Rare-Earth-Gold Core-Shell Nanorods for Versatile Therapy Platforms

It is of great significance to develop multifunctional imaging-guided therapeutic platform with ideal resolution and sensitivity. Notably, rare-earth (RE) nanoparticles are attractive candidates for multimodal imaging due to their unique optical and magnetic properties. In this work, a rational design of hierarchical nanohybrids employing RE-Au hetero-nanostructures was proposed. One dimensional RE nanorods were adopted as the core to facilitate cellular internalization with the coating of gold nanoshells for photothermal performances. Hydroxyl-rich polycations with low cytotoxicity were grafted onto the surface of RE-Au to produce RE-Au-PGEA nanohybrids with impressive gene transfection capability. Given the virtues of all the components, the feasibility of RE-Au-PGEA for multifunctional photoacoustic (PA), computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR), and up-conversion luminescence (UCL) imaging and complementary photothermal therapy (PTT)/gene therapy (GT) therapy was investigated in details in vitro and in vivo. The visualization of the therapeutic processes with comprehensive information renders RE-Au-PGEA nanohybrids intriguing platform to realize enhanced antitumor efficiency.

Written by: Lizhi Song, Nana Zhao*, Fu-Jian Xu* | |