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Liqun Zhang and his team won the first technology prize held by China association of circular economy in 2017

   The project in charge of Liqun Zhang and his team, complete technique of multi-stage extruder for green production of reclaimed Rubber through continuous desulfurization won the first technology prize held by China Association of Circular Economy in 2017 (provincial and ministerial level). High value repetition and recycle of waste tire was taken as the research object, and by applying the knowledge of materials, chemistry and machinery to the field of producing the reclaimed rubber, the shortcoming of high pollution, highly energy consumption and high risk in the traditional method has been overcomed. The structure of the reclaimed rubber that the processability and mechanical performance was balanced has been proposed after the in-depth theoretical study. Complete equipment of multi-stage extruder for green production of reclaimed rubber through continuous desulfurization has been designed independently. The process and formula for green continuous desulfurization was optimized throughout the experiment, and the granular reclaimed rubber with high performance has been produced. Which realized the environmentally friendly, energy saving and continuity of the production of reclaimed rubber.
  The technical equipment is praised as the multidisciplinary paradigm, perfect combination of technology and equipment. Based on the theoretical research, industrialized application has been finally realized. The key technology has gained 13 national patents in China and has independent intellectual property rights. 9 academic papers has been published, 9 of which was collected by SCI or EI. The discipline company Nanjing Green Gold Giant Rubber & Plastic High-tech Co., LTD has been established to promote this technology. The industrialized production line of 300,000 tons has been created in Beijing Ludeyongtai environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD, Maoxiang Rubber Manufacture Limited Corporation of Hebei Province and BESG Xingyu (Tangshan) Rubber & Plastics Eco-Technology Co., Ltd.
   The R&D and application of the technology can be called a revolutionary movement in the reclaimed rubber industry, which significantly improved the level of recycling the waste rubber. The technology has great scientific, social and economy benefit in improving the transformation of the reclaimed rubber and the sustainable development of rubber in China.
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