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Transport performance in novel elastomer nanocomposites:Mechanism, design and control

    Functional elastomer nanocomposites have found numerous applications in diverse hi-tech areas. Transport phenomena, such as electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity andgas/liquid barrier properties, have been the major focus of functional elastomer nanocom-posite research. Despite essential progress in these areas, a summary and discussion ofstate-of-the-art strategies for regulating the transport performances of nanocompositesbased on the transportation mechanisms of electrons, phonons and mass are lacking. In thepresent review, a brief introduction of transport mechanisms in elastomer nanocompositesprecedes a systematic summary of the important progress in elastomer nanocompositeswith electrical/thermal conductivities and lowered mass permeabilities, with emphasis onthe latest structural control strategies for tuning transport properties. Key applications offunctional elastomer nanocomposites related to transport phenomena are also introduced.Overall, this review summarizes the state of the art in the design and performance enhance-ment of elastomer nanocomposites based on the relationships between their structures andtransport properties, governed by the components/composition, interface/dispersion andfabrication。
Written by: Liqun Zhang | |