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Nanoscale graphene doped with highly dispersed silver nanoparticles: quick synthesis, facile fabrication of 3D membrane-modified electrode, and super performance for electrochemical sensing

     The performance of graphene-based hybrid materials greatly depends on the dispersibility of nanoscale building blocks on graphene sheets. Here, a quick green synthesis of nanoscale graphene (NG) nanosheets decorated with highly dispersed silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) is demonstrated, and then the electrospinning technique to fabricate a novel nanofibrous membrane electrode material is utilized. With this technique, the structure, mechanical stability, biochemical functionality, and other properties of the fabricated membrane electrode material can be easily controlled. It is found that the orientations of NG and the dispersity of AgNPs on the surface of NG have significant effects on the properties of the fabricated electrode. A highly sensitive H2O2 biosensor is thus created based on the as-prepared polymeric NG/AgNP 3D nanofibrous membrane-modified electrode (MME). As a result, the fabricated biosensor has a linear detection range from 0.005 to 47 × 10−3 m (R = 0.9991) with a supralow detection limit of 0.56 × 10−6 m (S/N = 3). It is expected that this kind of nanofibrous MME has wider applications for the electrochemical detection and design of 3D functional nanomaterials in the future.
Written by: Zhiqiang Su,* and Gang Wei | |