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Appointment of the honorary professor in BUCT to professor Wang Zhonglin

On December 14th afternoon, the appointment ceremony of the honorary professor to professor Wang Zhonglin in Georgia institute of technology was held in the academic reporting hall on the third floor of Yifu Library. The academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Principal Tan Tianwei and vice Principal Wang Feng attended the appointment ceremony. The department heads of school personnel, office of international exchanges and cooperation, materials science and engineering college were present too. Apart from that, part of teacher representatives of materials science and engineering college, experts and scholars from Beihang University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Nano Energy and System as well as more than 300 postgraduates and undergraduates attended it. The appointment ceremony was presided over by vice Principal Wang Feng. Processor Wang brought a wonderful academic report for the teachers and students in our university, entitled "Nanogenerators for self - powered systems and large - scale blue energy and piezotronics for intelligent devices". In view of the putting forward of the concept and development of nanoscale piezoelectric and the auto-driving system, using the surface wave to generate power which is called ”blue energy”, Wang systematically introduced the various potential applications of nanometer generator.
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