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junying zhang
          Office: Room 816, technology mansion
          Tel:   010-64425439


2007-2008 Seoul University academic visitor

1989.9-1993.6 Dalian University of Technology, Fine Chemistry, Ph.D. of Engineering

1984.9-1987.6 Institute of Petrochemical Heilongjiang Academy of Science, Polymer Chemistry, Master of Science

1980.9-1984.6 Zhengzhou University, Organic Chemistry, Bachelor of Science

Research Experience

2001.2-Now Beijing University of Chemical Technology, College of Materials Science and Engineering, professor and Ph.D. supervisor

1998.9-2001.1  Institute of Petrochemical Heilongjiang Academy of Science, Professor

1993.9-1998.8  Institute of Petrochemical Heilongjiang Academy of Science, Associate Professor

Research interests:

Ø Molecular design, synthesis, characterization and theory study of specialty structured matrix resins

Ø Application study of specialty resins on composite matrix resins, adhesives, sealing and coatings

Ø Preparations and theory study of functional adhesives and sealing including high temperature resistant, heat conductive, lightning, electric conductive and transmission materials    

Ø Preparation of organic-inorganic hybrid materials as well as their application study on high temperature resistant adhesives and preceramic polymers 

Ø Mechanism and application of in-situ polymerization Technology

Ø Theory of adhesive and desorption


Ø Yu Qin, Tao Yang, Mengjin Fan, Jue Cheng, Junying Zhang. The effect of a renewable fatty acid derivatives based epoxy diluent on the curing kinetics and thermal properties of epoxy/anhydride systems. Thermochimica Acta,614,37-44(2015).

Ø Xibing Zhan,Huijuan Liu,Junying Zhang,Jue Cheng,Xin Lin. Comparative Study of Silicone Resin Cured with a Linear and a Branched Cross-Linking Agent. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research,53(11), 4254-4262(2014).

Ø Mengjin Fan, Jialin Liu, Xiangyuan Li, Junying Zhang, Jue Cheng. Recyclable Diels-Alder Furan/Maleimide Polymer Networks with Shape Memory Effect. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research,53(42), 16156-16163(2014).

Ø Ying Wang,Mengjie Tu,Xiangyuan Li,Junying Zhang,Jue Cheng. Facile synthesis of marigold-like microspheres from urea formaldehyde with controllable morphology. Materials Letters, 145:27-29(2015).

Ø Kaiwen Zheng,Junying Zhang,Jue Cheng. Morphology, Structure, Miscibility, and Properties of Wholly SoyBased Semi-interpenetrating Polymer Networks from Soy−Oil−Polyol-Based Polyurethane and Modified Soy Protein Isolate. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research,52, 14335-14341(2013).



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