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                                 Professor Zhang Liqun

                                 Office: Room 703, AnHua Building

                                 Tel:  +86-10-64423312



1993.01-1995.12 Ph.D.Beijing University of Chemical Technology;

1990.09-1992.12 M.S. Beijing University of Chemical Technology;

1986.09-1990.06 B.E. Beijing University of Chemical Technology;

Research Experience


2000.06-2001.05 Post doctor, Case Western Reserve University, Macromolecular Science Department, USA

1999.06-2000.06 Visiting Scientist, University of Akron, Polymer Science Department, USA

1998.07-Now Professor, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

1996.10-1998.07 Associate Professor, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

1995.09-1996.10 Assistant Professor, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Awards and Honors:


Ø  National Excellent Scientific People (2015)

Ø  MorandLambla Award issued by International Polymer Processing Society (2014);

Ø  Sparks-Thomas Award issued by Rubber Division of American Chemistry Society (2012);

Ø  The SCEJ Asia Research Award issued by The Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan (2012)

Ø  Youth Award of 9th Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Prize (2012);

Ø  Youth Innovation Award of Ho Leung Ho Lee Sci-Tech Prize (2011);

Ø  Beijing Youth Award of Mao Yisheng Science and Technology Prize (2008);

Ø  The National Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (2008);

Ø  The 9th China Youth Science and Technology Award (2006);

Ø  Cheung Kong Scholar Distinguished Professor, Ministry of Education (2005);

Research interests:

l  Rubber Science and Engineering;

l  Polymer Nanocomposites;

l  Biobased and Biomedical Materials;

l  Polymer Processing Engineering

Other Professional Activities

²  Head of Key Lab of Beijing City on Preparation and Processing of Novel Polymer Materials;

²  Head of Engineering Center for Energy Saving and Resource Utilization of Elastomer Materials, Ministry of Education;

²  Associate Head of State Key Laboratory of Organic–Inorganic Composites;


²  Editorial member – “Rubber Chemistry and Technology”;

²  Editorial member – “Plastics, Rubber and Composites: Molecular Engineering” ;

²  Editorial member – “Expressed Polymer Letter”;

²  Editorial member – “Mini-Review in Medicinal Chemistry”;

²  Editorial member – “Composites and Elastomer”;

²  Editorial member – “Rubber Industry”;

²  Editorial member – “Acta Material Composite Sinica”;

²  Editorial member – “Plastics”;

²  Fellow– China Chemical Engineering Society;

²  Vice President – China Rubber Division;

²  Fellow—China Materials Research Society;

²  Vice President—China Polymer Materials Engineering Division;

²  Fellow– China Composite Materials Society;

²  Vice President—China Micro and Nano Composites Division;


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 [10]    Jianxiang Shen, Jun Liu, YangyangGao, Dapeng Cao and Liqun Zhang*.Revisiting the Dispersion Mechanism of Grafted Nanoparticles in Polymer Matrix: A Detailed Molecular Dynamics Simulation.Langmuir,27 (24), 15213–15222(2011);

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