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                          Professor Wu Youping

                          Office: Room 705, Anhua Building

                          Tel:   010-64442621



1999.9-2002.12  PhD, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Materials Science

1991.9-1994.07  ME, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Polymer Processing

1987.9-1991.06  BS, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Rubber and Plastic Engineering


Research Experience

2005.10- Now  Professor,  Beijing University of Chemical Technology

2011.05-2011.10  Visiting Professor, Case Western Reserve University

2001.9-2005.9  Associate Professor, Beijing University of Chemical Technology


Awards and Honors:

Ø  New Century Excellent Talents in University, Ministry of Education, 2009

Ø  Beijing Municipal New Stars in Science and Technology, 2004


Research interests:

Ø  Preparation – Microstructure – Properties of Elastomer Nanocomposites for the Green Tire Tread: Relationships between structure and rolling resistance, wet skid resistance and abrasion (the three properties are called magic triangle) of tire tread composites

Ø  Fatigue and Fracture of Rubber Nanocomposites: Influence of filler characteristics and rubber type on crack propagation and fatigue life of rubber nanocomposites

Ø  Design and preparation of smart hydrogels



Ø  Bin Dong, Chang Liu, Liqun Zhang, Youping Wu*.Preparation, Fracture, and Fatigue of Exfoliated Graphene Oxide/Natural Rubber Composites, RSC Adv., 5, 17140-17148(2015)

Ø  Ru Cheng, Jie Liu, Peng Xie, Youping Wu*, Jianping Deng. Chiral, pH-sensitive Polyacrylamide Hydrogels: Preparation and Enantio-differentiating Release Ability,  Polymer, 68 : 246-252 (2015)

Ø  Peng Xie, Xuan Liu, Ru Cheng, Youping Wu* and Jianping Deng. pH-Sensitive Chiral Hydrogels Consisting of Poly(N-acryloyl-L-alanine) and β-Cyclodextrin: Preparation and Enantiodifferentiating Adsorption and Release Ability, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 53: 8069−8078(2014)

Ø  Jian-Hua Ma, Su-He Zhao, Li-Qun Zhang, You-Ping Wu*. Comparison of Structure and Properties of Two Styrene-Butadiene Rubbers Filled With Carbon Black, Carbon-Silica Dual-Phase Filler, and Silica. Rubber Chemistry and Technology, 86(4),664-6782013

Ø  Yuan-Xia Wang , You-Ping Wu*, Wen-Ji Li, Li-Qun Zhang. In?uence of Fller Type on Wet Skid Resistance of SSBR/BR Composites: Effects from Roughness and Micro-hardness of Rubber Surface, Applied Surface Science, 257, 2058–2065(2011) 

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