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                                  Professor Wei Jie

                                  Office: Room 30E, Complex Building

                                  Tel:   010-64434598



1994.9-1998.6  Ph.D, Fine chemical Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

1990.9-1993.7  M.S, Polymer Materials, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

1981.9-1985.7  B.S, Polymer Science, Beijing University of Chemical Technology


Research Experience

2003.9-now     Professor, CMSE, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

2007.1-2008.1  Visiting Scholar, Department of Chemistry, SUNY at Stony Brook

1997.9-2003.8  Associate Professor, CMSE, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

1985.8-1997.8  Teaching Assistant , Lecturer in CMSE, BUCT


Awards and Honors:

Ø  Science and Technology Award by China Society for Imaging Science and Engineering


Research interests:

Ø  Information recording materials: Design, preparation and applications of the information materials with special photonic, electronic, thermal or magnetic functions as multi-media recording and imaging materials.

Ø  Photopolymer and UV curable materials: Design and preparation of photopolymer and UV curable materials for the functional photo-resist, UV coating & printing ink, etc.

Ø  Liquid crystals: Preparation and utilization of liquid crystals (LCs) of electro-optical properties for display and anti-fake materials.

Ø  Electronic materialsPreparation and application of carbon nanomaterials and metal nanoparticles for flexible micro/nano circuit.


Other Professional Activities

Ø  Fellow of Chinese Society for Imaging Science and Engineering

Ø  Editor, Journal of Information Recording Materials

Ø  Editor,Journal of Fine chemical Engineering



Ø  Lanlan Liu, Jinbao Guo, Zihao Li and Jie Wei*, Photobase generating monomers: synthesis, evaluation and utilization for fabricating fluorescence patterns,  RSC Advances, 2014, 4, 19362-19369

Ø  Lanlan Liu, Chaodong He, Jia Li, Jinbao Guo, Jie Wei*, Green synthesis of silver nanowires via ultraviolet irradiation catalyzed by phosphomolybdic acid and their antibacterial properties, New Journal of Chemistry, 2013, 37, 2179-2185.

Ø  Huihui Wang, Jinbao Guo, Jia Li, Jie Wei*. Fabrication of Bimetallic Nanoparticles/multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes Composites for Microelectronic Circuits, Carbon, 2011.49 (12), 4013-4023

Ø  Fengjin Chen, Jinbao Guo*, Zhijian Qu, Jie Wei*, Novel photo-polymerizable chiral hydrogen-bonded self-assembled complexes: Preparation, characterization and the utilization as a thermal switching reflective color film, Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2011,21(24),8574-8582

Ø  Gangqiang Li, Jinbao Guo, Xiao Wang, Jie Wei*, Microencapsulation of a functional dye and its UV crosslinking controlled releasing behavior, Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 2009.47(14), 3630-3639

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