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Job Opportunity

 The College of Materials Science and Engineering, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

About CMSE

The College of Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE) is one of the departments founded when Beijing University of Chemical Technology (BUCT) was established in 1958. Now, CMSE is the key discipline supported by “National University of 211 Project” and “National 985 Project Innovation Platform”. In 1978, the discipline started postgraduate enrolment, which was one of national’s first universities to award master degrees, second universities to award doctoral degrees and among the first to engage in postdoctoral research. Polymeric Materials was honored as one of the two national’s first key disciplines in 1988, Materials Science received the honor in 2007 and Materials Science and Engineering was recognized Beijing’s key discipline in 2008. After more than half a century of construction and development, CMSE has achieved in distinct discipline characteristic, tremendous school-running strength, and significant academic achievements. Also it has become one of the important bases of talent training, scientific research, and social service in materials science and engineering.

CMSE possess “state of art” facilities and laboratories including: State Key Laboratory of Organic-Inorganic Composites, State Key Laboratory of Chemical Resource Engineering, Beijing Laboratory of Biomedical Materials, National Carbon Fiber Engineering Technology Research Center, “111 Plan” of Advanced Carbon Materials and Special Polymer Materials, MOE Key Laboratory of Carbon Fiber and Functional Polymers, MOE National Engineering Research Center of elastomer energy saving and recycling, Beijing Key Laboratory on Preparation and Processing of Novel Polymers, Beijing Key Laboratory of Electrochemical Processing and Technology of Materials, Beijing Engineering Technology Research Center of Water-based Polymer and application, Beijing Engineering Research Center of Advanced Elastomers, Engineering Research Center of Chemical industrial Membrane Engineering, etc.

CMSE aims to cultivate high-level academic, technological, leading and versatile talents with internationalization visions and innovation capabilities in materials science and engineering. The Discipline is led by an outstanding team with scholars including “National One-Thousand Plan” expert, MOE Yangtze River Scholars, NSFC Distinguished Youth Scholars, and National Outstanding Teacher. There are 187 academic staffs including 1 “National One-Thousand plan” expert, 5 MOE Yangtze River Scholars, 8 distinguished young scholars supported by national natural science funds, 1 nationally outstanding teachers, 2 “973” project chief scientists, 3 “ten thousand plan from central organization department” talents, 1 MOE Yangtze River Young Scholar, 23 winners of education ministry's Trans- or new- century excellent talents supporting plan. The Discipline is led by the NSFC Innovation Groups for polymeric materials, the MOE Yangtze River Scholars Innovation Team with comprehensive researches on polymerization methods, the MOE Yangtze River Scholars Innovation Team on rubbers, and the National Defense Innovation Team for rubber materials.


The Discipline has successfully constructed the unique “Fundamental Research-Technical Innovation-Industrial Applications-Talents Cultivation” synergistic system for the development of materials science and engineering, particularly in the innovation of materials and processing and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

In order to further reinforce the core competiveness of the CMSE, and facilitate the Discipline to be one of the world top-ranking disciplines in materials as well as being a leader in featured researches and research directions globally, overseas outstanding talents are sincerely invited to become one of the faculty members of CMSE.

Recruiting Fields

Macromolecules, Functional Materials, Biomaterials, Carbon and composite materials, Inorganic Non-metal Material, Chemistry of Materials, Materials Processing, Carbon Fiber Preparation and Processing Engineering, Nano Materials, Organic Photoelectric Materials, Information Materials, Photosensitive Polymers.

Application Requirements

1. Being an outstanding young scholar (under the age of 40) whom willing to come back to mainland China, with a PhD degree and overseas experiences.

2. The applicants should have teaching or research experiences and positions in prestigious overseas universities, research institutes or companies. The applicants should have made remarkable achievements with significant academic influence and have the potential to become the leader in a certain aforementioned field.

Salary and Subsidies

A competitive salary and subsidies will be offered for level A, B and C talents, and the details could be discussed during the interview.

Competitive salary and support for “National One-Thousand Plan” ” young scholars:

1. A subsidy of 0.5 million Yuan RMB and a research funding of 1 to 3 million Yuan RMB will be offered by the Central Finance.

2. An annual salary of 0.4 to 0.6 million Yuan RMB as well as a subsidy of 0.5 to 1 million Yuan RMB will be offered by BUCT. A temporary apartment for living will be also provided. For the outstanding talents, a set of apartment and a job offer for the applicant’s spouse will be provided by BUCT.

3. A research group will be formed and leaded by the selected “National One-Thousand Plan” ” young scholar. A sufficient research funding plus laboratories and office will be provided. The research group will be staffed by 2 research fellows, 1 postdoctoral fellow, and several PhD/Master students.

Symposium Schedule

In order to pursuit the world top-ranking discipline in materials science and to lead the featured research areas globally, “Chaoyang Shenggu Symposium on Striding Development of Young Scholars in the Discipline of Materials Science and Engineering” will held by BUCT-CMSE on 18th – 20th, December, 2016. BUCT-CMSE warmly welcome all the overseas talents to participate the symposium, to communicate with our faculty members, and have a better understanding of the research platform of the discipline of Materials Science at BUCT, and propose suggestions for the development of BUCT-CMSE as well. The details of “Overseas Outstanding Young Talents Recruitment Plan” could be discussed in the course of the symposium if the applicants are interested in any relevant issues. The travel expenses (economic class) and accommodation fees during the symposium will be offered by BUCT-CMSE for the invited participants.

Application Process

All the applicants need to prepare the following documents and email to before 30th, November, 2016.

1. Application Form, which could be downloaded from

2. Applicants’ CV.

3. Applicants’ publication list and 5 representative papers.

Contacts: Jing ZHAO, Fujian XU

Phone: +86-010-64433585

Email: (Jing ZHAO); (Fujian XU)

Address: North Third Ring Road 15, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China, 10029


Attachment: Application Form for“Overseas Outstanding Young Talents Recruitment Plan”, and “Chaoyang Shenggu Symposium on Striding Development of Young Scholars in the Discipline of Materials Science and Engineering” 

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