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Nanotechnology of Layer-by-Layer Self-assembly and Clay Nanotubes

 Dr. Yuri M. Lvov is a Professor of Chemistry, Tolbert Pipes Eminent Endowed Chair on Micro and Nanosystems at the Institute for Micro-manufacturing, LouisianaTech University. He earned his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (protein crystallography) from Russian university, M. Lomonosov’s Moscow State University in 1979, then worked at the Institute of Crystallography, Russian Academy of Sciences where got Doctor of Science in physics in 1991. After Soviet Union collapsed, he worked in the world famous research centers in Germany (Max Planck Institute for Colloids), Japan (National Institute of Materials Science, Tsukuba), and USA (Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC). In 1999, Dr. Lvov came to the Institute for Micromanufacturing at LaTech from the Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering, Naval Research Lab.

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