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Anodic dissolution kinetics of passive systems in flowing slurries

   Materials degradation and the possibilityof structure failures present concerns from the point of view of both safety and efficiency of industrial operations. This presentation provides an overview of our work on erosion corrosion behaviors of passivesystems.A model based on kinetic analysis was developed forpredicting electrochemical response of passive systems to solid particle impingement in flowing slurry.The effects of hydrodynamic parameters of flowing slurry on anodic dissolution rates of metals were evaluated. The applicability of the model was verified using experimental data from both the literature and our own experiments.We measured the anodic current densities of 304 stainless steel and carbon steels in flowing slurries under potentiostatic control condition. The difference in transient current response is a result of different repassivation mechanisms that depend on electrode material and corrosivemedium. After the kinetic parameters of repassivation are determined, the hydrodynamic effects on the corrosion rates of the passive target are quantitatively predictable with the aid of this physical model we have developed.The theoretical predictions are in good agreement with the experimental data obtained under different hydrodynamic conditions.

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