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From surface-bound organic chemistry to self-healing antifouling materials

Han Zuilhof is the Chair of Organic Chemistry at Wageningen University. He obtained both an MSc in Chemistry (organic chemistry) and an MA in Philosophy (logic and theory of knowledge ; both with highest honors). After obtaining a Ph.D. in Chemistry (Leiden University, 1994; highest honors), he did postdoctoral work at the University of Rochester, NY (with Joe Dinnocenzo & Sason Shaik) and at Columbia University (with Nick Turro). Subsequently he joined the faculty at Wageningen University in 1997, moved through the ranks, and has been a Professor of Organic Chemistry since 2007. He is the author of > 250 peer-reviewed papers, including 5 reviews, and written 8 patents, of which 5 were sold to companies. He serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of Langmuir, Applied Surface Science and Advanced Materials Interfaces. His interests focus on surface-bound (bio-)organic chemistry and bio-nanotechnology.

 Abstract: Covalently bound, ultrathin (<100 nm) layers on surfaces can be used to finetune surface properties in detail. In the presentation I will first zoom in on two facets: the increased potential of analytical chemistry to follow what is going on at surfaces (Angew Chem 2017), and novel chemistries that are still being developed to easily modify surfaces of interest (also Angew Chem 2017). In the second part I will zoom out to more composite materials that combine antifouling and self-healing characteristics, the further development of which requires the combination of exquisite materials science and chemistry.
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