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Structuring Liquids

        SpeakerThomas P. Russell

        Date: Monday, 19th January 2016

        Time: 15:00-16:30PM

        Venue: Yifu Conference Centre for academic report

        Sponsor: Beijing University of Chemical Technology International Research Center for Soft Matter


 Abstract Peritoneal The ability to manipulate and lock -in the shape of one liquid in a second, i.e structuring the liquids, allows the generation of unique materials that have the dynamics and mobility of liquids but the structural integrity of a solid. Bicontinuous fluids for separations, novel encapsulants for delivery systems, or all-liquid charge transport systems can be envisioned. Yet, these fluids have shapes that are far removed from their equilibrium shape and developing routes to kinetically lock-in these non-equilibrium shapes while retaining the local fluidity is key. We describe the in situ generation of nanoparticle surfactants that assemble at the liquid/liquid interface. When the liquids are brought into non-equilibrium shapes, the nanoparticle surfactants will jam at the interface, freezing in the shapes of the liquids. External stimuli, as for example pH, electric or magnetic fields or emperature, can then be used to re-shape the liquids, so that the structured liquids can be adaptive. Alternatively, ultrathin films of polymers can be used as a surfactant, where, by placing the sheet at the interface, the interfacial energy and the free energy of the system are minimized. With only this driving force, ultrathin polymer sheets of a given shape will wrap around a second liquid, fully encapsulating the liquid.

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