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History of CMSE

College of Materials Science and Engineering is one of core colleges of the Beijing University of Chemical Technology; the origin was the organic chemistry department, and established in 1958, together with the university.

In 1978, the department of polymer and the institute of polymer materials were founded after the readjustment of schools and departments.

In 1981, our Doctoral program was approved by the Office of Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council.

In 1983, the institute of carbon fiber and composite materials was established.

In 1987, the discipline of polymeric materials was entitled as national key discipline.

In 1996, College of Materials Science and Engineering was founded on the basis of the department of polymer, the research institute of polymeric materials and the institute of carbon fiber composite materials.

In 2001, material science became the national key discipline.
In 2007, polymer chemistry and physics became cultivated national key discipline. 

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