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The college of Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE) carries out the extensive and productive communication and collaboration with international famous universities, enterprises and organizations, to create a multi-cultural environment for cultivating innovative talents. It has established a close academic and scientific research collaboration with many international famous universities, such as the State University of New York, University of Akron, Case Western Reserve University, University of Loughborough, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Shinshu University, Mendeleev Chemical University, University of Seoul, Chungnam National University, University of New South Wales, Australia's Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research. For international collaboration in education of undergraduates, the "3+1+1" joint programs have been established by CMSE with University of Loughborough, University of Akron, Case Western Reserve University, the 2+2” joint programs with University of Birmingham, and University of Glasgow and so on. Agreements have also been made with some university such as the University of Nagoya on the joint training programs for the postgraduates at CMSE. Each year, over 50 guests from abroad are invited to pay a visit to CMSE. Most of them are professors from famous universities and high-level managers of international corporations. CMSE also organizes 1 or 2 international and domestic conferences annually. All of these efforts have greatly enhanced the international outreach and collaboration of CMSE.

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